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Prostitutes Pistol

This miniature Austrian Prostitutes Pistol is a rare find, it was given its unusal name around the time of Jack the Ripper - prior to this time they were refered to as Ladies' Pistols. The barrel cocks to accomodate a pin fire (not included). When fired this pistol would pack a punch, it sounded very like a real pistol being fired and gave women time to run for their lives in a dangerous situation.

The majority of these intriguing guns are made from metal for strength, then silver plated to give a lovely silver patina, the handles are usually made of engraved silver. This particular piece has a jump ring attached making it very versitile, it could be worn around the neck, on the wrist or even used as a key chain if you wished. A perfect gift for someone who has everything.

Weight: 7.0g

Length: 4.2cm (4.5cm with jump ring)

Height: 2cm

Prostitutes Pistol

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